7 Best Prank Websites to Trick your Friends at Next Level

Updated on June 25, 2022

Know Best Websites to troll friends from this Post. As we know that the web is portal of knowledge where you can learn anything. It could be anything like cooking, playing, dancing, blogging, gaming, Youtube, etc. The web is only one place where you can learn lots of things without restrictions But have you think about trolling to your friends using the Internet. You can make your friends fool like a pro. Now you need to know how to troll your friends using websites, So guys here is the guide, Follow complete post and try your best. We was also shared phone call prank trick, which you can use for call to anyone from any number, don’t forget to check that out.

Best Websites to Troll Friends

Hey, guys, I am here with another trick. The trick is about how to troll your best friends with easily and become super troller in your class. As we know that the trolling is an art which is born from April fools day also April Fool day could be born from this word. Now the question arises what is a meaning of trolling and how to use websites for the trolling purpose. Here we have mentioned complete guide for trolling your friends online even we have added lots of online method for trolling your friends online in small web. So guys lets dig into the troller world.


Big question about Trolling. What is it and how to use trolling  online

According to us the  April fools day is a day which is used for fooling or trolling our friend, on the April fools day, most of us try to make fool our friend by old, nonvaluable tricks. But the big problem comes, when we try to make friend fool, and he already knows about that trick because of common.

Top trolling websites to mak friends fools

  1. Love Calculator Prank
  2. Shadyurl
  3. Hacker Typer
  4. Geek Typer
  5. Fake Update
  6. Google Terminal
  7. What’s Wrong with this room

So guys we have mentioned all trolling website which you can use to make your friend troll and become one the most famous troller in your class. You can check the whole list of trolling websites below, and also we have mentioned how it works and what they do. So guys hold your hand, tighten your seat belt because here we go for top trolling websites

Love Calculator Prank

This is my personal Website, which can be used to prank your friends. You can simply Create your unique link, and send it to your friend. as soon your friend will open your link, he / she will enter his / her name & Partner’s Name. As soon they click on calculate love button, you will get mail of both names. And they will also get a dark red screen and telling them that it was just a prank. This is pretty much the funny website, which you can use and enjoy easily with your friends. We were also posted the full tutorial regarding this Fake Love calculator, you can check it out and know more about this. You can try it to anyone, know their partner’s name easily. So Simply Visit this Site and have a look at it once.

Visit LoveCalcZone

Video Tutorial


It is one of the excellent websites. In which, you can edit any web page and get short URL of the webpage. It will automatically make the URL look like Suspicious URL and make it next level. For Example, you can visit this URL for know what I got after Shorten my website URL. The best thing about this website is you can create as many URL shorts as you want, hide any URL in this link which can shock your friends, will help to prank them easily. Basically, this URL Will help your friend to click on the link easily. So Simply visit this site now and enjoy it for free, without any login or Sign up too.


Visit ShadyURL

Hacker typer

The hackertyper  is one of the most and my favorite website for trolling my friends. Hacker Typer is a virtual coding place where you can coding like hackers. Yes, you heard right, It is one of the best websites where you can show your friends about your hacking skill, just lol. It is the best website for making your friends believe you that you are a hacker. Also, it is a spoofing website. If someone says to me, How much ranking you want to give, definitely I will give the 2nd place of this website that’s why I have mentioned this website on 2nd in my list. So why you are waiting here go and make your friend fool.


Visit Hacker Typer

Geek Typer

The geek typer is similar to the hacker typer website nothing is different but in the case of geek typer. You will get lots of theme and coloring options. Geek typer is an excellent website for trolling your friends even you can use this website for showing your hacker like coding. Sometimes we watch movie online in which hackers trying to type words in CMD with white and green font, Geek typer offers us to change the color and theme of coding place which is not possible in hacker typer.


Visit Geek Typer

Fake Update

Being BCA student  I always trying to keep my window up to date. Sometimes it sucks because of the slow internet but most of the times if update. Fake update window is an awesome prank for computer friendly person; you can use the fake update for pranking your friends and show them you are updating your Windows operating system. It is one of the crazy websites which allows you to send updates and then start updating your windows. All the operation will be done inside the browser and its available in windows 7 and windows 10 theme. Go and make your IT geek friends Fool.


Visit Fake Update

Google Terminal

Most of us using Google for getting any information from the web portal, have you know or heard about Google terminal. Google terminal is a website. In which,  you will able to look good 80s century version. Not just 80s century looks but you will get most of the secret tricks about Google. Such as google gravity motion and so on. I am sure that it will change the way of using Google search engine.


Visit Google Terminal

What’s Wrong with this Room?

Whenever you visit on this address, Where you will see the normal looking Room but Believe me the room will not like you see I will warn you, this website is not for weak heart people because of scary Ghost comes on the screen after some time.


Visit What’s Wrong With this Room

What is Trolling

Trolling is the word which refers to fool making or in simple word it can be a controversial topic or comment which makes your friend fool or confuse. Sometimes trolling can be categorized as the topic which confuses people, most of the people get angry, some of the people become happy.

Final words

Most of us know about prank or troll but online trolling is trending topic for you. So guys we have mentioned all working and excellent trolling websites. You can use them for trolling your friends. As we know that the trolling word is similar to pranking your friends but in internet terms both may be different so, guys keep trolling your friends and show them you are one of the best trollers who can make anyone troll.

Personally, I like hacker typer and geek typer in which I can show to my friends about advance hacker coding skills. I hope you guys like this post if you feel problem regarding any trolling websites then comment below also tell me the best site which you like the most from above. Thanks for visiting my blog and keep your support with SoftBigs.com.

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