Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone

Updated on December 27, 2017

Best root apps 2018

Best apps for rooted mobile: Hey guys, Today I am sharing Guide for Top Apps for Rooted Android Phones. Many of times Missing Tricks published the articles about how to root Android Phone and some of the Android application reviews or else we have shared you how to root any mobile so after rooting what now? Do you know which application you can use After Rooting your Mobile Phone? Have a Look from below. This is the best apps after rooting list, which you can use in your Device for use your Device like a pro. best rooted apps list of very trending these days. You can easily Download These top root apps in your device, and get most out from your device.

Top Apps for Rooted Android

Today, We are Gonna describe some Top apps, which you can use in your Rooted android Phones, so you can get most out of your Mobile Phone. As you know, Android O.S. is the post trending Operating System these days. Everyone wanna Get max out of their devices. also checkout Android Id Changer Guide. Some people are newbies, & Root their phones, but after that they don’t know which apps we can use in our Rooted Android Phone. So for them, we are sharing this Article. | Best app for rooted android phone.

rooted android top apps
best apps for rooted android

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apps for rooted android: Rooting your Phone is a Little tricky process. Now days, Much more people are rooting their phones. Some apps, needs rooted access for run & Work Properly. For Example, you can move Any app to Sd card after rooting your Phone & Remove any apps, which are Pre-Installed into your Phone & Much more. For get all info about these apps, we have shared this method for them. With the help of these the best root app, you can make your device more smarter easily.

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What Is Root?

Rooting is an Experimental Way to unlocking your Phone for Doing Various Experiments in it. You can also root your Phone Easily. So should you do after Root your Phone? Confused?, Don’t Worry, have a look at Top apps from below & Try all of them one by one. After root your phone, you can do various things with your phone. like you can increase ram & change fonts & much more things can you do with your phone. in normal android phones, there are some restrictions, that you can not do changes in system files of your android phone. but, in rooted android phone you can edit / change system apps, or system files & do some various things in your phone. If you want to root your device, then checkout How to Root Android without PC.

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apps for rooted android
popular best top apps for rooted android

Which are Top Rooted Phone Apps?

As you know, Rooting your Phone is a way to do various editing in System files of your Phone & Much more things. You can Save battery in your Phone by Using Greenify app, easily reboot your Phone in one click with fast reboot app, Access system files with Root Explorer app & Much more experiments you can do in your Phone. Pretty much cool right. I have searched a lot on Google, that which apps are on the top for your rooted android phone. so i have added top apps list, which you can use in your phone, for enhance it’s functionality. also check about How to Stop Background apps with Greenify app. So Have a Look at Top rooted phone apps from below & Give your Feedback in Comments. 😀

Top Apps For Rooted Android Device (Full List)

These apps are Sorted in Descending Order !!

#44 Fast Charging

However, this app can also work on non-rooted Devices. But you can use this app on your rooted Android devices too. This app can charge your phone very fast. According to recent research, this app charges phones upto 6X faster. You just have to open this app after you plug-in charger. After that, Simply you can enable fast charging by click on start button. This app will kill all the background process and start charg your phone fast. So Try this app once from below and enjoy it.

Download Fast Charger

#43 Instwogram

Want to run Multiple Instagram accounts on your Android? Want some more features along with official Instagram app on your device? You should try this Instwogram on your Device. This is working without even rooting the device on any Android device. There are many features included in this app which you can use like share Images / videos, download images videos without any trouble. You can use this with official Instagram just like GBWhatsApp on your Android and enjoy it. Simply download this now from below and enjoy it.

Download InstwoGram

#42 Game Killer

Game Killer is Another Awesome Android App, Which you can use for Hack Game Coins etc. This app is not available on google play store, because it comes under hacking category So We have provided direct download link for the Game killer app, which you can use in your device and enjoy this awesome Game killer apk for free. You can use this in many great games like Messenger Football game etc for score more than your friends and enjoy the peace. So Have a look at the download link from below and enjoy it.

#41 Og YouTube apk

There are many ways to download YouTube videos from Android devices. OG YouTube is the one of the best app ever, which is invented for Android devices. You can do various things with this app, if you have android device. This is the mod apk of Official YouTube app, which comes with lots of cool features. You can play YouTube videos in Background, play Videos in Multi Window Mode, Directly download videos in one click and much more features are there in this app. So let’s download this app now and enjoy it.

Download OG YouTube apk

#40 ChameleMAC App – For Change Mac Address

If you want to change Mac Address in your Android Phone, then simply install this Chamelemac app in your Phone. This app will help you to change mac address in your phone easily. changing mac address in android phones is now a lot easy, with the help of this simple app. Download and install this app now in your phone, for change mac address in your phone. Read more about How to Change Mac address with ChameleMAC app now. Download this app now from below for change it.

ChameleMAC best rooted android app

Download Chamelemac

#39 Network Spoofer

Want to play with your friends, and Wanna prank them for some fun? , Network Spoofer app is created for this purpose only. With the help of this simple app, you can redirect all sites, which your friend opening in his / her mobile to any site of your choice. All you need is, your and your friend’s WiFi Must be connected to Same WiFi Network. you can do various things with the help of this simple app. Checkout how to use Network Spoofer app now, and download this app now from below link. read more about this app now from xda.

Download Network Spoofer

#38 Boot Animation Changer

If you are bored with stock boot animation, and you want to change boot animation in your device, then you are at right place. This app can change Boot animation in various android devices. Using Custom Boot animation will give a new UI Feel  in your device, you can also show this to your friends, then they will be amaze.  Download this Boot animation app in your Phone now, and use it.

boot animation changer rooted android app

Download Boot Animation App

#37 Supersume – Replace Kingroot With Supersu

If you have Kingroot app installed in your phone, and you want to replace it with Supersu, then you can use this App in your Rooted device. This is the one of the best android app, for replace kingroot with supersu easily. Read more about How to Replace Kingroot with supersu now. Simply Download this app now in your device, and you will be able to Change Kingroot, and supersu will be installed in device. It’s better to use Supersu app, rather than using kingroot app, because supersu app gives great features.

#36 Drony – For Use Proxy

If you want to use Proxy in your Android Phone, with Mobile Data of WiFi then you can use this app simply. This app will work in rooted and non rooted both android devices. Simply Use this app for Use custom proxies in Android. This app also supports proxy with Authentication, So simply you can use below app, if you have proxy with passwords. This app will also work in non-rooted devices, but this app is specially designed for rooted phones. Download this app now from below, for use this Drony app in your phone. Read more about How to use custom proxy in Android now.

best rooted android app drony

Download Drony

#35 Disable Service

Always, some Background services run on your phone. which will keep your phone running slow. so for Disable some background services, this app is designed. For example you can disable Google Play Services with this app & much more.  there are many other system services, which may case slow down your device. checkout this app from below. but be careful while using this app, because if you disable some important services, then it may soft brick your device. So checkout this app from below if you want to use this app & do some experiments.

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Download Disable Service

#34 Total Commander

This is the another app for your Rooted android phone. this app is for those people, who love to work with Commands. With this app, you can Copy, paste files, Sub-directory, Zip, Unzip files & much more. overall, this is the app, with complete file manager. This app also have search option, which is very useful for us. With this app, you can also edit text. this app have inbuilt text editor. This app has some extra plugins, which will make this app more smart like Using of FTP or SFTP is allowed in this app with extra plugin. So checkout this app now from below.

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total commander rooted android app
total commander rooted android app

Download Total Commander

#33 [root] Triangle Away

This is the another Cool app by Chainfire. you can use this app in your Samsung android phones. After you flash custom recovery & root your Samsung android phone, then you may face Some yellow triangle error while reboot your phone. so for Remove that thing from your phone, you can use this Awesome app. This will reset Custom Firmware counter to 0 &  you will no longer see That yellow Triangle in your Phone. See this from below.

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triangle away samgung

Download Triangle Away

#32 SCR Screen Recorder

SCR Screen Recorder app is must have app for rooted android phone users. This app is very useful, & i also use this app personally. With this app, you can record your Android Phone’s Screen easily. This app is from one of the Best app, for record screen in your phone. This is the From one of the top app for rooted android phone. This app is fully ads free. you can checkout Official XDA Thread of this app. This app can also record audio from your Screen Recording. Download this app now from below.


#31 ROM Manager

This is the another app, which you should install in your rooted android phones. if you love to flash new ROM, in your phone & your device have great development on XDA, then you should checkout this app. you can Install ROM from Sd card with this app. Install your favorite ROM on the Air with this app. This app will work with CWM Recovery Prefect. You can Flash ROM in seconds, with this app. You can back up / Restore your phone with this app & much more features available. So check it out from below. also checkout How to Change Boot Animation in Android

Download ROM Manager

#30 ROM Toolbox Pro

This app performs Pretty well in Rooted Android Phones. you can do lots of tweaks in your Phone with this app. This app is designed for perform lots of tasks. you will get bunch of features in this app. you can install Custom ROMs, Install Custom recoveries with this app in your phone. In this app, you will get lots of features like kernel Tweaks & much more. This app also have app management feature. In Final Words, this app have bunch of features, which you can discover by yourself by using this app. check that out. we was also shared method for send blank message in whastapp.

rom toolbox rooted android
rom toolbox rooted android

Download ROM Toolbox Pro

#29 SDFix

If you are using Kitkat or Plus Android Phones, Then you have faced some kind of issues, that some apps can’t Write data in your SD Card. Google was Done a new thing on Kitkat OS, that your SD card can only be writable on SD Cards, your SD card can only be writable on System apps. Also Check How to Install Whatsapp on Remix OS .This app will fix this issue in your phone. So that third-party apps can access your SD card & write some data. For example, if you are using App backup Apps, & you want to back up your apps on SD card, then it will not work. but with this app, you can fix up this Issue easily. So Checkout this app from below now.

sd fix android app
sd fix android app

Download SDFix

#28 Tasker

Tasker is very Useful for Android users. This app will make your phone more smart, rather than previous. With this app, you can Create a Task or Scene for your Phone, later this app can do that tasks for you. you can discover more features of this app, by using is for yourself. so let’s check it out from below. also checkout How to Create Fake Whatsapp Conversation.

tasker android top rooted android app
tasker android top rooted android app

Download Tasker


Are you still using android phone which have 1 gb or less than 1GB ram? Running out of ram ? & your phone is lagging? So here is a solution for you. If your phone have less RAM, & you don’t want to waste your money in buying new phone then you can use this app. also checkout my full Guide for Increase Ram in Android. You can use this app, for increase Swapping Memory of your Phone, which will act as RAM of your phone & it will surely Boost up the performance of your mobile Phone. This app will take some memory from your phone’s SD card & it will create a new Swap file in your memory card, which will work like RAM of your phone & you will see Huge difference in your phone’s speed & gaming performance etc.

increase ram rooted android
increase ram rooted android

Download Roehsoft Ram Expander

#26  Donkey Guard – The Best Xprivacy Alternate

Did you even Used Xprivacy app? Wanna alternate of Xprivacy app? then you are at Right place. Donkey Guard is the best app for The Xprivacy alternate. This app Do same job, which xprivacy app does. With this app, you can Hide your phone’s original IMEI Number, Android Id, mobile number can snoof any app & give that app fake IMEI & Android id for your Phone. Every app you install in your phone, they pickup your IMEI, android ID, for identify device & send it to their servers. so if you don’t want to reveal Real Identification of your phone to the apps, then you can use this app. Also Checkout Best app for take picture who tries to unlock phone. This app will only work in kitkat devices. This app is also similar to device emulator app, which is working on Android lollipop.

Download Donkey Guard

#25 CatLog – Logcat Reader!

There are Tons of background apps, which runs in background. so if you want to Track, that which apps are running on background, & want Log file, then this app will be useful for you. This app is must have for android developer, or testers. This Log file, can only be read by Android Developers. you can’t read Log files, unless you are android developer. This app is fully ad free & open source. check it out from below.
catlog android top app
catlog android top app

#24 Pimp My Rom (Beta)

This app is specially, Designed for tweak your Device at Advance Level. you can increase your phone’s performance by tweaking, & much more things. you can tweak kernel of your phone, with this app. you can also increase Multi tasking performance of your phone with this app. You can use Google DNS in your phone, Enable or disable HSUPA mode. Also you can protect your phone from SYN Attacks, Also you can make various IPV4 tweaks & much more. You can enable Int.d support in your phone with this app. Also Checkout Unblock Pattern Lock Without Loosing Data you can add Some Governor tweaks, & I/O scheduler tweaks in your phone. you can also do Hardware Acceleration, Force GPU Rendering, Lock Launcher in memory, for prevent it from restart & much more.You can also enable or disable Call ring delay, also manage multi touch, tweak Cpu for increase battery life or performance. So this is the Must have app for any Android Phone User. This is the one of the best app for rooted phone apps.

top android app pimp my rom
top android app pimp my rom

Pimp My ROM

#23 Chainfire 3D

If you are Using gingerbread or Froyo Device, Due to lack of money of for some other reasons, & still you want to play high-end games in your phone, Then you can install this app & you will be able to Play High end games. This app works as a Bridge between games & your phone’s Graphic card & it will let you play non-supported games too. So If you are using Low End Device, then you must have a Look at this app. This app is not available on play store for some reasons. so we have provided you direct Download link. Just Download it from below. Also check How to Install Remix OS in Pc.

#22 Root Firewall

This is the best firewall app for rooted android phones. If you have limited data, & you want to disallow some apps for prevent extra usage of data, then you can Use this app. With this app, you can Disable Data usage from Specific app. for use this app, you need root access. If you want to block data only from 3G Internet, Not from WiFi, or from WiFi, not from 3G, then you can also perform this action from this app. This app will also provide you a widget, which will surely help you out for Disable or Enable firewall in one Click. This app is also known as firewall, internet firewall, ad-blocker, url filter for android.
root firewall android app
root firewall android app

#21 Screen Standby ♯ Root

When ever, You Turn your Phone’s Screen off, It Loose Connection into phone & Stop some background apps. This app can Turn off-screen of your phone without turn off any background Processes. So this is a very good Choice for Rooted android phone users. This app is working in almost all devices. For Example, if you are running a Video From YouTube, & you are listening any Good Song in it. So if you Turn off your Device’s Screen, then it will be stop playing video, but with this app, you can turn off your phone’s Video , & YouTube Will Still work in background. this is must have app for rooted android phone users. This app is usable specially if you are using your device as MHL/HDMI for play Gaming. Screen Standby is one of the best apps for a rooted phone.

#20 Flashify

Flashify is an app, which required for those Android Phone users, who don’t have any Pc & They wants to flash Recovery or Custom kernel image files. With this app, you can flash custom recovery like CWM or TWRP or any other custom recovery. Also you can flash custom Boot / kernel Image file with this app. Before flashing custom recovery or kernel, you can also backup your original recovery or kernel image file without any issues. we was also shared How to Block Sites in Android. also you can restore original recovery / kernel image file with this app. So if you wants to flash custom recovery or custom kernel , but you don’t have PC, then this app is recommended for you.

flashify rooted android phone app
flashify rooted android phone app

Download Flashify

#19 Link2Sd

Link2SD is very popular app for android mobile phones. This app can be helpful for almost every android phone users. You can move any app to your Sd card if you have root permissions in your Android Mobile Phone. also you can move batch apps to SD Card. This phone also have reboot manager, you can reboot your phone instantly in recovery, fast boot mode etc with this app. So must try this app, if your phone have low storage issues.

Many Of time, Users May Face Lack of Storage in Their Android Phone. So this is another Good app for Rooted Android Phone, Which will help you to save more app memory of your phone by moving apps to external SD Card. This app Requires Root Access. So checkout How to Root Android Phone.

link2sd best rooted android app
link2sd best rooted android app

Download Link2SD

#18 Set CPU

Set CPU is meant for advanced android phone users. If you are going to play games, then you can set your CPU profile to maximum performance, & it will boost your Phone’s performance. Or if you have low battery left in your Android Phone , then you can set CPU profile to maximum battery life, it will lower speed of your CPU & helps you to save battery life of your Android Mobile Phone. Download this app from below & Check it out. This app is Usable for Almost All Android Phone Users, who want to save battery or who want to get more performance. so let’s try out this app. read more  apps for rooted devices now from below.

Download Set Cpu

#17 Dpi Changer

Are you have low screen size Rooted android phone, & wants to make it looker like tablet? Then this app is specially made for you. Like you know, in pc you change screen resolution easily, similarly with this app, you can change screen resolution with this app & make it look like tablet or make it looker like big screen mobile phone. Download this app from below & give your feedback via comments below. You can Make your android phone looks like tablet with this app. but you have some troubles, so change it at your own risk only. Also Checkout Latest Whatsapp DP Collection.

Download DPI Changer

#16 Repeti Touch

As you know after reading the name, this app can repeat tasks in Android Phones & You have to enter any task in this app & Then you can get work from this app. This app can also be called automation of work in Android Phone. one time, you have to record work in this app, & after that this app will repeat same work again, as more you want. Free version is available in play store, Link given below. This is very good application for some android users, who have any work like which they repeat again & again like if you want to redial anyone’s number, then you can record your things in this app, & after that this app will repeat same task again & again for you as more as you want. you can get work from this app, as a way you want. Checkout this app from below. This is from one of the most cool root apps, which you can use in your device.


Download RepetiTouch

#15 Wifi Kill

In Daily life, you may see low Internet speed of wifi because some of your friends or any another persons are already using same wifi. So you will get lower speed in your Mobile Phone. So how to kill their wifi connection & Get higher speed. This is a Very Good app for Increase your WiFi Internet speed. i have also written full guide about it. read more about – How to use wifi kill app. you can also download this app, download link is given below & kill your friends or neighbor’s wifi connection & increase your Internet speed. For kill wifi, your Rooted android phone must be connected with wifi connection, which connection you wants to kill.


Download Wifi Kill

#14 Xprivacy – Best Privacy app

Most of the Android users don’t know that, if you download and Open an app in your Mobile phone, then that app Takes your Mobile’s all data like IMEI, Android id number etc & Send it to their servers. So they will know about you, who are you & all other info about you. So if you want to install apps, but don’t want to share your Personal data with them, then you can use Xprivacy app. In this app, you can send fake data to them & they will not able to register you. or you can block them to send into to their servers. For normal android phone users, this app is not useful for them. This app is for some advanced users only. If you don’t know that how to use Xprivacy app, then Must check full Guide on How to Install & Use Xprivacy App.

xprivacy-privacy-root-appMust Read – Android Tips

#13 Terminal Emulator

Every Operating System have its OWN way to Get Commands. For Example, In Windows PC, you will able to find CMD (Command Prompt). In Android Platform, you cam give commands to your Android phone via Terminal Emulator. This app is very Helpful for Developers & Much Advanced users who like to work via Commands. This app is not usable for Normal Android Users. This app is available on Play Store for free. There are Number of Commands available for Android Terminal Like – “Su” , “ls” & much more Commands, you can easily find them on Google.

#12 Android Id Changer

Android Id is a GUID of every Phone. Which changes after Successfully reset your Smartphone. This app, let you change your Android ID & you will get New id in 1 Second. This app can Generate Random android id, or you can save any Android id of your Choice. Some of the apps, detect android phones from their Android ID’s. So this app is helpful in this field. This app is also comes with Backup & Restore option, in which you can back up or Restore Android ID Values. This app is not usable for Normal Android users. This app is for some advanced users only. This app is Paid on play store, but available for free to download on XDA by developers. SO Checkout this app from below at XDA & check it out. also checkout Easy guide for How to Change Android Id.
Download Android Id Changer


If your Mobile Phone is Rooted, Then This Phone will let you find passwords of different wifi Connections which are Available on Public. With this app, you can Shop Passwords of all WiFi, which are saved in your Mobile Phone. Also this app can give your Passwords of WiFi, Which are WPS enabled. This app can not give you passwords of all WiFi. Only you can get passwords of some Supported & Outdated modems which have lower Security. So Much checkout this app. It will surely help you out. This is not any Illegal app, This app is officially available on Play Store. Download it now from below.

#10 – Full Screen

So this is the application which helps u to hide the soft keys or we can say it hides the navigation (Nav) bars. Many of times we play any video or any Game or we see that again n again there is showing nav bars. For example in new mobiles like Motorola mobile or in nexus mobile phones the nav bars take a lots of space to hide that we use application like full screen. This app is most usable for Nexus Android Smartphones, which have on-screen navigation buttons. So you may check it out. You may enjoy playing games much better with this app.
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#9 – GooManager

 Many of times, we search on Internet about any custom recovery or anything like Gapps. We install Custom ROM in our mobile, For helping in this matter, This application is published on Google play store. But now it is no more available on play store. This application can help you a lot for flashing Custom Recoveries & Much more. This app is for advanced users only, not for newbies. So if you are a Newbie, Then better you should avoid this app.

#8 – Greenify

This is also the Great app, which helps us for Boost Up Mobile Phone & Increase Battery Backup. Nowadays this application is having material design look, which looks awesome. This app will help you a Lot for Save battery & Get a longer battery Life in your Android Phone. This app may work in Both Rooted & Non Rooted Android Phones. Better you should use this app in Rooted Android Phone. It will show you full information about how many times your mobile wakes up & Which app is taking more battery of your Phone. This application helps you to freeze the application Like – Facebook wakes your device for 700 Times a day and it consumes a lot of battery. This app will help you to freeze the application and this application is free on google play store. also a Premium Version available, in which you can hibernate System apps too and Work Faster with Xposed Framework as a Module. So Must try This app , link given Below. Also Read Full Tutorial on Greenify app. This is the must have app for after root apps.

#7 – Soft Reboot

This application requires root access. This app is small in size. Many of times you would be seeing that when we reboot our android device it took about to 1 minute and above. In this process which held in background also take about 20 sec if u want to reboot your device fast u can simply do by this application. It will soft boot your mobile in just 15 to 20 seconds it works same as reboot. With this app, you can reboot your Phone in Recovery mode, Or Fastboot more Easily in one Click. So which users are rebooting their phones regularly, this app maybe helpful for them. Must Try this app. Checkout root required apps from below.

#6 – Xmod Games

This application is the best application for gamers. Why? So the developers of xmod games are advance programmers . They help us patch Online games like clash of clan, 8 ball pools and etc many of games. Game lover, will surely love this application. You can find this application on the xmod official website we will publish an article on xmod soon. In this app, you can play games in fast or slow motion easily. Want most out of this app? Bet with your Friends that you can score more than them in Floppy Bird app, After their game over, now open Xmod games app, & Decrease the game of speed & Play Game in slow motion. I am sure you’ll surely win This bet. So Use this app if you are a Gamer. & like to Play Games. 🙂

#5 – Root Explorer

This application can manage your system folder. In short, you can edit any System files by using this root explorer app. You can add some of the settings if you want nav bar you can add nav bar with the help of root explorer in your Build.prop File. And if your mobile phone is giving Not – Supported app or Game error so u can simply edit build.prop & Change it’s Values to any popular Phone like Samsung S5, then it will help you. Then you can download all apps from play store, also which are not supported in your Mobile Phone. This app helps us to Show our System files & Change them easily in one click. This app has In Build tools like Text Viewer, Zip Extractor etc & much more. You can try this app, link is given Below. Root Explorer is best apps for rooted phones, which you should use in your android  device.

#4 – Super SU

Many of times you root your android mobile. You will find that this application is pre – Installed. This application helps you to grant the root permissions to application. Super su can unroot your mobile easily in one click from settings page. This application pro features can be used by just clicking on settings and enabling the pro features. With this app, you can manage root permissions of your Phone & you can decide that to which apps you wanna give root permissions & to which apps you wanna deny root permissions. You can also set default way to allow or deny Root permissions. I have found that this is best app for Granting root Permissions to the apps. also checkout How to Set Pattern lock in whatsapp.

#3 – Xposed Framework

This application is Approx 4 – 5 MB but this application has hundreds of modules. Which can Customize your android .If you are running the jelly bean device so this application modules can Customize your mobile to look like android Lollipop. Some – days before we have shown you how to Customize your android mobile by gravity box so this application will help you a lot for customization of your Android Phone, & in much more things. You can use this app for much more things, Simply open app, & Click on Downloads & you will find many modules here & you’ll also get description & what’s the use of it from there. So Must try this app, if you wanna get most out or your Rooted Android Mobile Phone. Xposed is the one of the most trending apps that need root acces for work in android device.

#2 – Titanium BackUp

Titanium backup application is free on Google play store. This application will help you to back up the whole apps with data. This application can also change android id of your Phone. This application has the number of batch action which can clean the caches of application, move the application to SD card and can back up the rom and backup the application is zip format. you can create your own Gapps by titanium backup. for root phone apps, titanium backup app is must have app. Before flashing any Custom rom, you can take backup of your all apps+ data with this app & you can easily restore it with one click from Batch Actions. This app have Great Development support, & very Helpful app for every rooted mobile Phone Users.

#1 – Lucky Patcher

This is one of my Favorite application. Why? This application has the numbers of setting like removing the license verification from any app and you can patch any application for remove Advertisements from it completely. If You have any Games like – Hill climb racing, Then this application will make the unlimited coins by applying custom patches. This app have Number of Settings, you can find by you own. Previously, we was shared info about how can you remove System apps with Lucky patcher app. So duct Try this app from below.

top apps for rooted phones

If you have just rooted your phone, then you can simply want to do some various experiments in it. Like trying various apps, which are on the Top on list for rooted phones. So i have posted about top apps list for rooted phone. There are millions of apps available on Google Play Store, which you can use in your phone. But for get top apps list, you need to checkout this post. also share this with your friends. also have a look at WiFi Kill App. So this was the final apps for rooted phone list.

best apps for rooted android

These apps will work in almost all android phones. If you know any other Good app, then you can simply comment below. I will try to checkout that app & add in this list. these apps will make your android phone more smarter & better in all conditions. you can simply try out any app from above by click on download link. i am, sure you will like these apps list. because, i also personally like these apps. These was the list of good root apps for any android device.


top root apps: So these Was all top 13 applications, which are booming everywhere. You can Try all of these apps one By one, & you will find that all of these apps are working Perfectly with Great Development in it. Be sure to use these apps carefully, because If you do something wrong like deleting important System apps or System files, then you will get in Big Trouble. So try all of these apps at your Own Risk. Install These root needed apps in your device, and i am sure you will love these apps.
best root apps 2018 for android mobile
We will Add More apps soon in this Article. I hope you Liked This Post. Thanks for Visiting & stay tuned for more updates. If you have any Suggestions or Questions while using These apps, then feel free to comment below, i will try my best to Solve Issue. 🙂 | best root apps.

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178 thoughts on “Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone”

  1. Pliz tell me how to change playstore value. I hv micromax unite 2 lollipop version.Donkeyguard is not supported for lollipop users.Is there any app to change playstore value?

  2. After rooting… i swap my phone storage memory to Ram usage,,, After that my mobile is working faster than before but i lose my phone storage… while connecting my mobile to pc it shows that my phone storage (0bytes free of 0bytes)… what to do to recover my memory ( samsung galaxy star pro GT-S7262

    • you have to flash full stock firmware via ODIN, try search in google – ” How to Flash Stock rom in GT-7262″ you will get full details from there

    • it can be done by file. but when i am changing the value of Elixir or coin or Gem it Show Error Client and server are Out of Sync

  3. How to change play store value with xprivacy. As donkeyguard is not supported in lollipop so would be greatful if anyone help me to change play store values with xprivacy. Thanks

  4. Thanks,I have rooted my s5360 with your guide. Can i use all above listed applications.If possible suggest me apps for my device supported.

  5. Sir mera phone root kaise hoga
    Please sir help me
    My phone brand-samsung galaxy j1.
    Please sir leave a post ..
    Sir m try kingroot app but nt success.
    Please sir help me

  6. can i rooted youphoria Model- YU5010,

    please send me app after installing this app will warranty will be break ,it’s still under warranty,

    for this trick is it require to change imei number and anriond id please send me app
    i wanna to use this trick..

  7. after root access is installed in my sony xperia s with kingroot apk is it possible to upgrade my device android if yes then how

  8. Hi sir I am pratik my mobile phone is xiaomi 1s is rooted mobile phone I am install xprivacy problem xprivacy say reboot and don’t restart mobile phone I am solve the problem but mobile is not rooted

  9. how to root my android mobile Lenovo A 2010 model with lollipop version ? I tried in all possible ways , but i didnt got succedded .

  10. Can anyone tell me which app can root my samsung galaxy star2(SM-G130E) Properly because i try 2-3 app and one app that i root on notebook pc also ….you can also tell me a pc application if anyone know i need that help me.

  11. How can I root my asuszenfone max z010D. It shows CSC mode when going to (volume up+power button) normal boot mode so I confused,, how to resolve and enter normal boot mode. Kindly answer me quickly ,I eagerly waiting for your reply

  12. It does rrun on 2G as well, but won’t someone use degrade
    with this phone? You do not need to be concerned at all as Android spy app also records all the incoming/outgoing needs you.
    As a reviewer, I recommend it for Android Root guide

  13. sir ,my device redmi note 4g ,my device root and I use coustm ROM like cyanogenmod13 in redmi note 4g
    bcmon apk not work in my phone
    help please

  14. I have Samsung galaxy note 2. . it is rooted. .
    I wanna install xposedframework on it…
    How can I xpose my note 2. . I m using cyanogen 12.1. ROM with android 5.1. .. Please sir reply to my email

  15. Sir my phone is micromax canvas sparkQ380 .I want to rooted it. Which is one of the safe rooted trick for my phone tell me sir.. Lollipop 5.0

  16. dosto ager apne smartphone ko direct root karna hai two app download karna hoga first app hai kingroot apk or 2nd app purify apk ko download karna hogaa or install karna hoga for purify ka app ko open karo WO automatically root ho jayagaa

  17. Can you give me the full explanation of lucky patcher
    I’ll use it only for patching small games.
    Can u say me???????

  18. No love for the app Freedom? One of the best root app that can be used for doing in-app purchases. Works good along with Lucky Patcher.

  19. can you tell me- how to install marshmallow on lenovo a6000 plus with pc and without pc both of us…… plz help me this trick solution

  20. sir mera root toh hojata he par kisi vajese phn baar baar frp locvked hojata he fir mujje flash karna padta he root ko hameha ke liye kese rakhe ?

  21. How to hake an android device by one other android device?
    भैया जल्द ही इस Problem ka solution दो.Please……..


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