Best Free Torrent Downloader apps for Android

Updated on June 25, 2022

Apps for download torrent: Love Torrent? Love Downloading Things over Torrent? Here is the list of Best Torrent Downloading apps which you can use on your Android device. These apps are one of the best in the market. All of these apps are picked from Google play store, and working with almost any Android device. You can have a look at these apps now from below. These apps can help you to Download torrent on your Android device right now for free. Few day back, I was also shared online torrent downloader for leech torrent online. Don’t forget to check that out. The list of these apps collected from large number of factors, based on Play Store, reviews, app performance, app speed and much more. So have a look at some of the best Torrent Downloading apps right now from below.

List of Best Free Torrent Downloading Apps

BitTorrent®- Torrent Downloads


torrent downloader app

This is the best Torrent downloader app for AndroidAwhich is available officially on Google play Store. This app can be used on any of the android mobile. There is pro version of this app available, in which they offer ad-free experience with some more features like battery saving, auto shutdown etc. You can set max or lowest downloading speed limit on this app. Incoming network port also can be changed from this app. This app also allow you to download on WiFi networks only. So simply download this app now on your Android phone and enjoy it.

Features of BitTorrent

  • Add Torrent from URL.
  • Media Library feature for easy access to Pictures, Videos.
  • Set Downloading Speed limits.
  • Auto Shutdown, Battery Saving feature.

   Download BitTorrent

Torrent Download Manager

This Torrent download manager app can be used to Download torrents on your Android easily. This app can do more than torrent downloading. You can also find new torrents for download from this app itself. This app offers great features like finding torrents without browser, Browse any website from this app, Inbuilt file manager and much more. You can also apply themes on this app, do various things like Encryption, Download schedule and much more. Also have a look at how to schedule download on Android. Download file in parallel Threads and much more. Simply download this app now on your Device from below & enjoy it.

Features of Torrent Download Manager

  • Download file in Parallel Threads up to 16 parts.
  • Inbuilt File Manager, Browser, Online Torrent Search.
  • Download Schedule, Apply Themes.


zetaTorrent – Torrent App


Another awesome torrent download manager app. This app can be used to browse Internet, Download torrent and much more. You can set this app to auto close on complete downloading, Supports much more tasks like the remote web interface, RSS feed push, etc. This app also has inbuilt ad blocker and browser for search your favorite torrents online. This app also offers pro version, in which you can enjoy ad-free version of this app itself. So simply have a look at some of the standard features of this app now from below and start downloading it on your device for enjoy it.

Features of zetaTorrent

  • Auto Shutdown on Complete downloading.
  • Set Password for security, Inbuilt Ad-Blocker.
  • Feature to Start Downloading only while connected to Specific WiFi.

   Download zetaTorrent

Flud – Torrent Downloader


Flud Torrent Downloader is very clean, simple app for download torrents. You can download new torrents from this app via upload .torrent files or via magnet links. This app can perform tasks in the batch like pause all, resume all downloads in one click. This app can also schedule downloads. This app focuses on cleaner UI, simple features. So it doesn’t have options like inbuilt browser etc. You can download torrents with the super fast high speed with the help of this app. So Simply download it now from Play store and enjoy this awesome app on your Android device.

Features of Flud Download Manager app

  • Enable Downloading only while charging or don’t download while the charge is below % (of your choice).
  • Supports Proxy – Download torrent files via proxy. Proxy Authentication is also supported in this app.
  • Batch Tasks supported.

   Download Flud

aDownloader – torrent download


aDownloader is cool looking Torrent download manager app, which you can use on your Android. This app supports multiple languages for your convenience. You can autostart this app on every boot, and do basic functionality over it. Just like above-mentioned apps, this app can download torrent simply, you can use features like autostart downloading only when charging, etc. Download this app now from Google play for use it. For more queries, please drop a comment below.

No Special Features available in this app

   aDownloader on Google Play

Final Words

So guys, these were the some of the top apps lists, which you can use for Download Torrent on your Android device. These apps are some of the best apps which you can use to download torrent on your Android without any issues. If you have any more questions or suggestions regarding this blog then simply drop a comment below. Thanks for visiting this blog and stay tuned here for more cool tips & Tricks like this.

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