Best Android Calculator Apps 2018

Updated on June 25, 2022

Top Calculator Apps: Hey Guys. In this post I am going to tell you some of the best Calculator apps which you should try on your Android device. These Calculator apps will be useful for you if you are looking for Some of the best Calculator apps. It doesn’t matters who you are, a Business Man, Student, Doing job. Calculator app is must have for every Person. In daily life we have to do some hard calculations, which requires calculator for most of the people. I am going to mention some of the best Calculator apps for any Android device. Every Android already have Built-in Calculator, but using Calculator apps which are mentioned below can change the way you use Calculator app. So Simply have a look at some of the best Calculator apps from below.

Citizen Calculator

This Calculator app is very Special. This app Looks same as Citizen GT512. If you are used to use Citizen Calculators, then you must use this app on your Android device. This app can work on any Android device on any screen Size. You can also use the things like MR, M+, M- etc without any worries.

This app have all the features of Citizen calculator app. So simply download and Install this app on your Android device and enjoy it. You can also enable or Disable Vibration/Sound in this app. Play Store download link of this app is provided below. Try it out and let me know via comments below did you liked this app or not.

Download Citizen Calculator

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator is one of the most awesome Calculator app. This app can help you to experience calculator app in next level. You no longer need to press those boring buttons to calculate. You just have to write in this app, like you write in notebook. This app will detect your handwriting, do the calculations and give you answers. This app have more than 10 Million downloads on Google play store. This app can be used for do any kind of calculation like multiply, plus, Minus, Divide etc and much more. So simply download this app now from below and enjoy it on your device.

Download MyScript Calculator

CALCU Stylish Calculator Free

This app is best for Android stock Calculator app replacement. This app looks pretty cool, have much customisation features too. This app have inbuilt themes, you can use any theme which you want. You can use daily new themes for keep your interest in using Calculator app. This app can let you do calculations in more Entertaining way.

This app allows you to solve Maths formula like sin, cos, tan etc and much more. If you are a Maths student, this app will be helpful for you if you use it in right way. This app also have History feature that let you save history of calculations. Settings like Vibration, Full Screen mode, Swipe to do tasks also supported in this app. So simply download this app from below for start using it.

Download CALCU


These were the some of the best Calculator apps for Android, which you can use on your Android device. If you have any more questions or suggestions regarding this post then feel free to comment below. If you know any other Citizen calculator app, then let me know via comments below, I will add in this post. For more questions or suggestions simply drop a comment below. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible, Peace out.

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