14 Things to do after Rooting your Android Smartphone

Updated on June 25, 2022

what to do after rooting: Hey Guys, If you have just rooted your android phone, and you are thinking about after root android what to do? then you are in. I have explained all cool things, which you can easily do after rooting your Android Device. Previously, We was shared How to Root Android Phone Without PC, now we are sharing Some Amazing things you can do after rooting your Android Device. If you are reading this post, then I guess you have already rooted your device, or thinking to do so. If your Android Device is rooted properly, then simply follow below procedure, for know more about which things you can do after rooting your android phone.

what to do after rooting a phone

There are many Crazy and Cool Things, Which you can Do With your Android Phones After rooting it, but there are some best things which you can do in your Android Device right now after rooting your phone, which I have mentioned below. We have posted Full Detailed Guide on Each and Every Step, which you can follow for things, which you can easily do after rooting your android device easily. You can increase ram of your phone, install dolby atmos, and many great things to do after rooting device.

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Things to do after Rooting your Android Smartphone

What is Rooting Android Phone

Rooting Android Phone is a way to open new world of Customization / Experimental things, which you can do with your android phone. There are lots of things, which you can do with your rooted android phone, not with non-rooted android phone. If you download stuffs from Play Store, then you may have also noticed about in some apps it’s mentioned that This app Requires root access. For Modify System Files from your Android Device, you have to root your android device. With Root permissions, you can do anything in your phone, remove system apps etc and much more.

Rooting your Android Phone May Void Warranty

Quick Look at Things, Which you can Do After Rooting Android

Below, is the quick look of this post, in which you can do with your rooted android phone easily, let’s have a look at it.

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  1. Increase Ram in Android Phone
  2. Install Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone
  3. Replace Kingroot With Supersu
  4. Change Boot Animation
  5. Flash Custom Rom
  6. Install Dolby Atmos
  7. Flash Custom Kernel / Recovery
  8. Stop Background Apps With Greenify
  9. Kill WiFi Connection of Other’s
  10. Increase App Storage (MTK Chipset Only)
  11. Install Device Emulator Privacy guard
  12. Block Websites of Your Choice
  13. Install Busybox
  14. Change Fonts

#1 Increase Ram in Android Phone

Every Android User wants to Increase RAM in their Android Phone. Number of Apps Installed in your Phone eating Full Ram of your Android Device? You can Use Roehsoft Ram expander App, For Increasing Ram of your Device. In Actual, This app will increase swapping memory of your android phone, which will act as RAM, so definitely your Phone’s Performance will increase for sure. If you love to Play Heavy Games and Multitasking, then you can Increase Swapping memory of your android device with below guide. Read more about How to Increase Ram in Android Phone now.

increase ram in android

#2 Install Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone

There are Many Cool Apps, Which you can install in your Rooted Android Device. There are lots of Android Apps available in Play Store, but some apps are only available for Rooted Android Devices. We have shared Full List of Best of the apps, which you can easily use in your rooted android phone, for make your phone more smarter. You can try all of these apps one by one in your android phone, and enjoy these apps. Checkout Full List of Best Apps for Rooted Android Device Now.

apps to install after root

#3 Replace Kingroot With Supersu

If you have Rooted your Android Device with the help of Kingroot app, then you can use this Guide for replace kingroot with supersu in just few clicks. In Kingroot, you may face some issues like irritating Ads and much more. According to me, Supersu is far better than Kingroot. With the help of Supersu, you can do certain things like Hide root in android, which you can not do with kingroot app. There are 2 Methods For Replacing Kingroot with supersu, have a look at Full guide about this now from below. You can use apps like sbgame hacker after root your device.

Read Full Guide – How to Replace Kingroot With Supersu

replace kingroot with sypersu after root

#4 Change Boot Animation

Customizing Android phone is very common these days. First Thing every person do in their Android Phone is Customization. Some people Use Custom Launcher, Icon Packs, Customize Android With Gravity Box app and much more. There are Tons of ways, in which you can Customize your Phone. For Changing Boot animation, you need boot animations or Apps, which can provide you boot animations and flash it in your Device. Every time when you turn on your android phone, you will see a new animation while booting your phone, checkout full guide on changing boot animation after rooting android phone now from below.

Read More – How to Change Boot Animation in Android

#5 Flash Custom Rom

Flashing Custom ROMs in Android Phone is much more popular these days. For Customize your Android, And Get a new UI / Look / Feel in your Android Phone, you can flash custom ROM in your Phone easily. I am also using Cyanogenmod Custom ROM in my android phone. With the help of Custom ROMs you can increase power of your android phone, increase performance, and much more. With the help of Custom ROMs, you device’s performance will increase and there are much more benefits for flashing custom ROMs in android devices. This is the also one of the best things to do after root android Phone.

Read Full Guide – How to Flash Custom ROM in Android

flash custom rom after root

#6 Install Dolby Atmos

For Get more Quality Audio from your Android, you can install This Dolby Atmos in your Phone. Fed up with low quality sound from your Android? Don’t Worry, Dolby Atmos is here. Just Flash This Dolby Atmos in your Android Phone from Custom Recovery, and you will get a new Audio Enhancement feature in your Android Phone. So you can change audio quality / bass etc. So it will surely increase audio quality in your android phone. Read more about How to Install Dolby atmos in Android Phone now.

dolby atmos for rooted android

#7 Flash Custom Kernel / Recovery

For Flash Custom Kernel or Recovery in Android phone, your phone needs to be rooted. This is the Must to Do thing after rooting android phone. Almost very Android user, who root their device, must install custom Recovery like CWM, TWRP etc in their phone, or flash Custom Kernel For increase phone’s performance, Overclock CPU, increase battery life, Tweak Phone etc. There are many software available to do this, in Android or PC, but flashify is the best app for do this. Read more on how to Flash Custom Kernel or Recovery in Android.

custom kernel / recovery after root

#8 Stop Background Apps With Greenify

In Android Operating system, many apps run in background for work properly, like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger etc. When Someone send you message, and you get notification, in this case, app needs to Work in Background all time, and your phone’s battery life, and Multi Tasking performance will Decrease for Sure. So you can Use Greenify App for Close Background Apps, And your device’s performance and battery life will increase.

greenify app for rooted android

#9 Kill WiFi Connection of Others

If You are using WiFi in your Device, and Some other devices are also connected to Same WiFi Network, and they are downloading Some Stuff, Doing browsing etc, so in this Case, Internet Speed in your Phone / PC will decrease, because other people are also using your WiFi Connection. So in this Case, you can kill WiFi Connection of their Device, so you will be able to Enjoy High Speed Data Speed, but WiFi Connection in other devices will not work, they will be start getting error of Connected, No Internet etc. you can download this App Now from below guide, according to your device.

Read Full Guide :-

How to kill WiFi With Android

How to kill WiFi With PC

How to Kill WiFi With IOS

wifi kill rooted android

#10 Increase App Storage (MTK Chipset Only)

If you have MTK Chipset Device, and you are running out of space while installing apps, then this Guide is for you. HK Rom editor is a Simple App, in which you can increase app Storage of your Device Easily. In MTK Chipset Devices android devices, you can use this HK Rom editor app, which will partition your android phone’s Internal Memory, for use your Internal Storage memory as App Installation Storage, and you will be able to install more apps in your MTK Device Easily.

Read Full – How to Increase App Storage With HK Rom Editor.

increase app storage after root android

#11 Install Device Emulator Privacy guard

These Days, Android Apps Development is increasing. If you install any app in your device, that app pickup IMEI, Gmail ID, Android ID, IP Address and some more private data from your device. If you want to protect your privacy from these kind of apps, then you can use this Device Emulator App. This App will spoof IMEI, Android ID, Gmail id etc to other apps, and send them Fake Identification of your device. This is the must have app for android devices. But for use this App, you need to install Xposed in your Phone. Read more about How to Use Device Emulator App now.

#12 Block Websites of Your Choice

If you are addicted to any site, and you want to block that site from your android phone, then you can use this trick for block Sites of your choice from your Android Device. Blocking Websites in Android is one of the best things to do with android after rooting. You can do any Specific sites of your choice with app, which is mentioned in below guide. This app comes with list of Harmful Sites, which will be blocked automatically. Read Full guide now from below if you want to know more.

Read More – How to Block Websites in Android

block websites after root android

#13 Install Busybox on Android

If you don’t know what busybox is, then let me tell you that Busybox is set of library files, which install in system of Android. Without busybox Android rooting is not complete. Some apps require busybox to run on Rooted android devices. Busybox enhance the functionality of rooting on any Android device. So if you didn’t Installed busybox yet on your Android then you should install this for run all apps which can work with rooted Android. So simply Install busybox now on your device and enjoy it.

Read Full Tutorial :- How to Install Busybox on Android.

#14 Change Fonts on Android Phone

If you are bored with old fonts on your Smartphone, then you can change font on your Phone. I assume you have already rooted your phone if you are reading this tutorial. So If you would like to Change Fonts and use custom fonts on your phone, We have tutorial for you. You must have seen custom fonts using in pc and some apps. But you can actually change some fonts on your Smartphone’s System. To do this, simply follow some of the easy steps now from below.

Must See – How to change Fonts on Android

Final Words

So these was some basic things, which you can do after rooting your Android Phone. There are many great things you can do with your Rooted Android Phone, but these was some super cool things, which you can do in your device if it’s rooted. If you have any other great thing, then simply comment below. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more cool android related tricks like this.

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  1. hey i hv samsung gt s5302..i hv instlled lolilop custom rom..but i cant download lolipop compatible apps frm playstr..i tried market helper also..but it say token nt found..is there any otherway to instll incompatible apps to my device? Hlp

  2. I want to ask about my lenovo a6000+ plus.

    I want to root it.

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  3. great post bruv.
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    I changed speaker volume in mixer.xml file in my moto g 2014 (Titan). The sound has become louder considerably. However, will this “dolby atmos” app be any help to me?
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  4. I tried Kingroot and Framaroot to root my Huawei Y541-U02
    *kingroot won’t install, wat should I do even I allowed unknown sources?
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