How To Use 2 Facebook Apps In One Android Device

Updated on June 25, 2022

Hey Fellas! Nowadays many people’s are on Facebook and every peoples around the world are using Facebook to play games chat with new people’s. In this many of those are having 2 accounts on Facebook. Actually one cannot really imagine his life without the internet and Facebook just because Facebook is the only thing which is used by billions of people’s around the world. Also Checkout How to Remove Last Name from Facebook Account With Mobile.  Many of the users creates 2 Facebook account to prank with their friends and sometimes to chat with the people let the reason be anything. In today’s tutorial we are going to tell you about an application from which you can install 2 Facebook application in one mobile. Some days back we have shared about the application named as parallel space from which we can clone our Android applications. Same trick we are going to use here but we will show you how to use that app for cloning your Facebook application. It won’t consumes much space and it will be isolated so you don’t need to take tension about any blocking issues of your Facebook account.

How To Clone Facebook Application On Your Android Device

This application named as Parallel space is booming around the play store and the outside world. Peoples are using to clone many applications such as Clash Of Clans, WhatsApp but sometimes WhatsApp is having issues while cloning. Also have a look at Facebook Social Toolkit for doing various facebook tricks like post in Multiple Facebook Groups and once and much more. I tried this trick with Facebook which is really very easy to understand so this application is best. There is a new application called as App Cloner which also clones the application but the thing is that you need to buy that application from play store and cloning the application is really a bit difficult. Everyone likes easy process and fast no one wants to buy any application. Sometimes users have reported the issues of Parallel space that is the application consumes more battery. If the application gives so many good features so this issue is ok for any application. This application is having good design and it is really important for any application because design plays important role. You can Clone any application by following this tutorial you can clone any app of your choice by following this tutorial.


Advantages of Using This

  • Clones any Android application within some seconds
  • Fast and easy design to understand the application
  • Create a shortcut on your screen so you don’t need to open the application again and again
  • No root requires

Basic Requirements for Use 2 Facebook Apps in one Android Phone

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  • Parallel Space Application
  • Facebook Android Application
  • Patience


How To Clone Facebook Android Application

Step 1: Download and install the Facebook Android application from here – Play Store

Step 2: Download and install Parallel space application from here – Play Store

Step 3: Open the application and Swipe the POP-UPS and click on the “+” Icon given in the below screenshot


Step 4: There will be a list given of the applications which are pre-installed in your device. Search for Facebook and wait for sometime


Step 5: Now, The application will say you that you also have to clone the Facebook messenger application just click on OK and you are doing good.


Step 6: Now both the application has been cloned successfully. Hold on the application and you will see an option of Create Shortcut



Step 7: Simply drag that application downwards and the Facebook application will be added in your home screen


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That’s it this way you can clone any Android application without rooting your mobile phone. This was the simplest and easiest guide. If you feel any difficulty you can shoot a comment below I will surely help you out. If you like our tutorial share this with your friends and keep visiting missing tricks for more tips and tricks and peace out.

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